Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Refreshing Night's Sleep

It never ceases to amaze me how even one night of good sleep can restore and refresh a person's body and mind.  After "sleeping" 4 nights on a somewhat ancient 2 seater sofa in mom's tv room on our trip to the city, with car doors slamming outside my window at various times of the night and a lot of overhead noise from the neighbours between 2am and 4am each day as they arrived home from work, I felt a huge sense of relief as I sank into the comfort of my own bed last night.  This morning I was able to get up and clean the bathrooms, tidy up the mess in the kitchen, finish unpacking, get a big lunch ready for company...all before church.  After our company left I didn't even need a nap and have been steaming on full speed ahead all day.  Oooh, the gratitude I feel for a good bed.  

Today the world once again seemed like a happy place in which to live.


bullwinkle said...

It's so nice when you are
dead tired, especially after
a long trip, isn't it?

Susan said...

Yes, especially for an old fogie like myself. Yawn......

bullwinkle said...

Aww, c'mon!
you're not that old! ;)