Saturday, December 15, 2012

An Invitation Back to Tokyo

I am still kind of blown away by an invitation I received the other evening to return to Japan.  Once I got over the initial surprise and thought about it and lost a couple of nights of sleep over it, I decided against returning to Japan.  I also do not want to go to London, Greece, Italy, France, Germany, California, Oregon, Washington State, or anywhere else on the planet.  My travelling days are done.

Each place has a special memory attached, particularly Japan (which is why it is the only place I ever write about in this blog), and to return now would be to spoil that memory.  I don't want that to happen.  Memories are so precious to me and I have so many of them to enjoy...more than I deserve really.

I no longer want to face long lineups in airports, delayed and cancelled flights, missed connections, lost baggage, strange foods that upset my digestion, not having the right clothes for the weather, having the weather spoil the sights I paid thousands of dollars to see, meeting chatty strangers whose characters and motivations I have to be able to discern in a split second or any portion thereof before my purse or luggage is stolen right out from under my nose, buying items that look so great in the gift shop and in the course of the return trip turn into tacky little cha-chis by the time they land on my display shelves at home.

I am old. I am tired.  

I don't want to face any of these things any more.  I am no fun any more. I have no big travel dreams any more.

Canada is a happy place to be for me.  Here I intend to stay....for now............

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bullwinkle said...

I feel old and tired as well... :(