Sunday, December 23, 2012

And Today I Proudly Wore......

......the brown cotton shirt I soaked in Coke a few days ago.  Not even a hint of the greasy stain left on the front of it.  How nice to have liberated my unwearable wardrobe items again.  Wish I had discovered the Coke Soak many years ago.  I am packing up the rest of the newly de-greased shirts into my suitcase for my medical run to the city this week.  I am hoping we can take my husband's next chance for a few consecutive days off and go visit friends in other places not related to illness and family and obligations and sidelines for work.  It will be great to see my dad and mom and attempt to assist them in sorting through their present medical issues and problems, but after losing my husband's mother this fall and then being plunged immediately into problems with my family we need a few days away from it to regroup.  I would like to be able to soak my stresses in Coke and make them disappear as easily as those stains on my shirts.

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