Monday, December 10, 2012

Coke Is It For Those Greasy Food Stains

I used to drink a lot of cola when I was a teenager.  Then I learned what soda does to a person's health and I rarely drink any kind of soda at all....oh, wait, I am a Canadian.  It is not SODA it is POP.


In case you are unaware of the truly best use of Coca-Cola, allow me to enlighten you.  Coke is the greatest greasy, buttery, oily food stain remover there is for your clothes.  Any clothing item that can be washed in a washing machine can lose those greasy food stains after a 4 to 6 hour soak in a few litres of coke.  Today I soaked 3 different stained shirts, 2 cotton and one polyester, in 2 litres of Coke.  I used a large plastic mixing bowl with a tight sealing lid and left them soaking  together in a big cola sodden heap for 4 hours. Then I poured the whole mess in the washing machine for a full wash cycle, using my regular brand and amount of detergent.  When the cycle ended I washed them again without any detergent added, hung them to dry and voila!  NO MORE GREASY STAINS!

Two of the shirts have been sitting in my closet for a few months after being washed several times previously with no resulting loss of greasy spotting.  The other I stained 2 evenings ago.

I have used all the different types of colas on greasy stains and have found that original Coca-Cola is the best at removing the stains, even the longer term grease spots that have all ready been washed several times.

To everything there is a ...........purpose under the sun! (writer of Ecclesiastes, please forgive me)


chris e. said...

This is the first useful application for CocaCola i have ever heard of! Rumour had it when i was a kid that it was good for taking rust of bicycle handlebars but i never tried it. Tried drinking it once and lasted less than a teaspoon. The taste was so awful i figure it must be more addictive than cigarettes to have people become regular users.
Didn't the brown colour stain the clothes?

Susan said...

No, the Coke dyes do not effect anything, the colour washes right out. I would add though that for really set stains a 6 hour soak is best, particularly for cottons.