Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dippy Eggs

This morning I woke up thinking about "dippy eggs".  That is what our son used to call soft boiled eggs and toast.

Dippy eggs were nutritious and comforting in all times of sorrow:  nightmares at 3am, skinned knees, bad treatment at the hands of friends, failed school exams, disappointments of all kinds.

No matter the hurt or the fear, long strips of whole wheat toast dipped into the bright yellow yolk of soft boiled eggs calmed the soul and dried the tears.  A variety of cheery egg cups could be chosen from to suit the particular occasion.

Dippy eggs were also a celebratory food:  being on the honour roll, being invited to THE social gathering of the year, solo'ing in the school band, getting that desperately wanted birthday or Christmas gift, having an unexpected day off school.  There were many happy occasions made even better by the eating of a dippy egg.

All this blogging about food hampers and dippy eggs is making me hungry.  Time for my own breakfast. What should I have?  HEY, how 'bout a dippy egg??

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