Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hail to the Chef!!

I read a newspaper article this morning that cheered my heart.  A chef in Prince Albert decided to donate a 4 course meal to the women in a shelter there.  They dressed up in their finest and enjoyed a wonderful treat.  Hail to the Chef!!!

When you are in a situation like that, needing protection, down and out financially, experiencing all sorts of alienation from family and mainstream society, a 4 course dress up dinner can be a very normalizing experience.  It is a chance to "feel like everyone else".  Kevin Tetz you are amazing!  I remember the times of feeling alienated myself: although I was not in a shelter, I had as little money at my disposal as most of those women have and when my husband would occasionally come up with twenty or thirty dollars unexpectedly we would use it sometimes to go out for dinner.  Twenty or thirty dollars was rarely enough to satisfy a bill collector and the mental and emotional boost it gave us to eat out at an actual restaurant was often very motivating to keep seeking the jobs our health issues at the time would allow us to do.  You can only handle complete practicality for so long in an affluent society like ours before you feel that mentally you are about to snap.

I suspect there may be a few folk who will criticize Mr. Tetz or even the shelter for doing something that at first thought could seem like a very short term gift, lacking in long term practical value. However, when you are trying to get free of a bad situation it is often the "little" events that seem like an impractical use of time and resources that start you on a path to get back on your feet.

What Mr. Tetz gave to these women will remind some of them that there is a good life to be lived outside the walls of the shelter that they find themselves in and will add to their motivation to be empowered to seek out that life as soon as they can.  What an awesome Christmas present!

Now, I wonder if there is a "Chef Tetz" who can approach the American NRA and miraculously use his gifts to get through to them the folly of their idea that armed guards at every school in the USA will diffuse mass shooting scenarios........what the........are you kidding me??????????

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