Monday, December 17, 2012

Having to Travel at Christmas After All

We had hoped for a quiet Christmas week this year:  one where we could pull the blinds down and unplug the phone once Christmas Eve services end and generally hibernate until the time comes to prepare for the New Year services; a time to rest, sleep in, read books, drink hot toddys, clear out the freezer of leftovers from weeks past, use the paper plates and plastic utensils to avoid doing dishes; a real vegging week.  Our kind of Christmas break.........

But it hasn't worked out that way.

Last week my father, who found out only the week previously that he is going blind very quickly, was rushed to hospital with a disk so compressed by fractures from his osteoporosis he is going to have to have it removed.  In his first 5 days there he also experienced a 24 hour 'flu', a UTI and other problems requiring a move to a different facility in order to deal with them.  How wonderful for him to receive so many "bonus" problems to take his mind off back pain so excruciating he cannot move without crying from the pain.  I feel so badly for him, and for my mother trying to cope with all the planning required to get her over to where he is in order to visit him and to keep track of what is going on.  Now he is in a long term stay auxiliary hospital awaiting an MRI and possible back surgery to remove the offending disk.  The state of health care being what it is there could be a long and painful wait ahead of him.  

And so, off we go to Calgary to see him as soon as the Christmas services are over.  We will be able to take mom over to see him, help her get groceries and banking done that are difficult for an 85 year old woman who does not drive.  

Not the Christmas we were counting on for ourselves....CERTAINLY not the Christmas my poor parents were expecting.  I feel so badly for them......and for my exhausted husband who absolutely does not need another out of town winter drive of that many hours length.  Aaaah, the joy of having only one vehicle and roads too icy for me to tackle by myself even if I had my own car.

I feel so sorry for all 3 of them.....I also am tempted to feel a bit guilty that I am not suffering from anything but a whole lot of good nights of sleep since getting the new bed.  If I keep feeling this great I can do all the care giving required by the other 3 and really enjoy it.  

Who knows what kind of unexpected blessings will occur on this Christmas that at first glance looks rather sad and gloomy??

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chris e. said...

Sounds like your new bed got there just in time. May God provide you with even more strength!