Wednesday, December 5, 2012

If You Don't Like the Weather Wait 5 Minutes?

Yup, it is getting to be more like Alberta here every winter in terms of catching the tail end of the chinook winds.  When I blogged about 3 hours ago the temperature was +3C and it was starting to spit some rain but an hour later the temperature had dropped to -4C and we got huge snow flakes instead.  It has been snowing ever since.  A change of 7 degrees in the space of an hour is not exactly like an Alberta chinook, when the temperatures can change by 20 degrees or more in an hour, but today was a little taste of my home province.  Since it did not result in freezing rain of any significance I am glad for the colder air.  Snow we can deal with.

Did you ever get the feeling I am a weather fanatic?  (or weather nut as the case may be)  Weather completely fascinates me. of the few things we humans cannot predict with any certainty. Trying to predict weather reminds us we are not perfect, we do not know everything and there is something bigger than ourselves at work in the universe.

I love it!

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chris e. said...

I think most Canadians are closet meteorologists; i know i am. A news item i saw on the Weather Network a few years ago was about new Canadians being taught that in Canada weather is considered a polite topic of conversation. One of the people being interviewed was from Jamaica. He said it would never occur to anyone from Jamaica to talk about the weather as 'it's always a nice day in Jamaica!'