Friday, December 21, 2012

In It For The Long Haul

By last night we had pretty well calmed ourselves down about Dad's latest medical news and started to accept the realities of my parents' new lifestyle brought about so quickly by age and infirmity.

I spent most of the day tracking down everything I could discover about private health care possibilities and found out that the nearest centre prepared to take Dad on for the kind of surgery he needs and his overall medical condition is in Vancouver, effectively quashing the whole idea. Even if we could get him out west there are too many other variables and he would be in a real pickle if the treatment there did not work.  

So we are all satisfied that he is in the best place he could be for now.

Some encouragement came from his doctors as well yesterday afternoon.  Apparently there are 3 levels of priority for booking MRI's with 1 being the biggest emergencies.  For some reason the booking agent for the test scheduled dad as a level 3, but his doctors had labelled him a level 2 with his name on the waiting list for level 1 cancellations.  They were very upset about the error so are looking into that today with an eye to getting him bumped into the correct level.  I feel better knowing they are on top of that.

The other encouragement is the plan my mom has come up with all on her own to set up scheduled days for visiting and times for cell phone calls to dad on non-visiting days.  She said she needs to schedule specific days away from visiting so that she can go out and do some things she would like to do, things she has always wanted to do on her own but never gotten the chance with Dad insisting on going along every time she leaves the house.  They are both 85 years old, my mom is used to just doing things the way dad wants to do things, and to see her getting excited about being able to take some initiative for her own life is a wonderful thing.  I pray her health will stay strong so she can have these months on her own to plan her own daily schedule as often as possible.

Dad's pain is starting to lessen.  The painkillers will have to be monitored closely to see how the rest of his body is being effected by them, but the latest combination has worked better than anything thus far.  If this keeps up Dad should be able to sit up a bit soon without so much pain.  He has to lay on his back so much and the fear of pneumonia is ever present.

I am so very grateful Dad was able to be admitted to this particular facility the day he was taken to hospital and can remain there to live until he recovers from the surgery that will hopefully be planned in future.

And so, off to do some dusting this morning.....the race to get the housework done so that I can get out in the car this afternoon and finish up a few chores before we head for the city next week.  Our day started off with a parishioner bringing over a lovely gift on her way out of town for Christmas...a good omen I am sure.

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