Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Little is Better Than a Good Night's Sleep on a New Mattress

My new box spring and mattress were delivered yesterday.  I was so excited I went to bed 3 hours earlier than usual last night just to try them out.  I haven't been sleeping well on my aging mattress, cheapest of the cheap to start with, and have been too aware of the springs underneath me each night.  It has been terrible for my back for months.  I have been exacerbating tendonitis in my arms and shoulders from laying on those sagging springs. I have been ouching and eeeewwwouuching, aching and paining around here for weeks like some ancient crone on her last legs of life.

But last night.........ooooooh last night was a far different experience.  For the first time in months I had a wonderful sleep.  Despite a bit of a pillow top that I didn't think I wanted, the good firmness of the mattress more than made up for the bit of softness right underneath me.  

Wow, to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and happy about a new day is something I haven't experienced in awhile.  Usually I crawl out of bed sometime between 3am and 7am feeling like something a truck ran over in the night, aching in every joint and muscle.

But not this morning.  I feel great!  I have some energy to tackle my tasks for today.  What a great feeling.  Maybe I should just go back to bed now for the rest of the day to take full advantage of my new purchase.  After all I do have several months of sleep to catch up on! So what if it isn't even 9am yet?  I hear the siren call of sleep........

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Heidi said...

So happy for you! Here's to many more good sleeps:)!