Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas and All That Jazz

That second busiest season of my husband's working year is upon us once again.  Extra church services, extra stress, extra concern for people who find themselves disconnected from the joy and hope that are supposed to surround this season of celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Over the past 3 years the number of attendees at the Blue Christmas services in both our towns has grown significantly.  As much as I love the Advent and Christmas church services, it is not my happiest time of the year either.  I am grateful for the spiritual and emotional support these services give me or it would be a very bleak time.

This year I am accompanying hymns at both services.  Grateful for the guitarists locally so I don't have to do all the hymns in both places and can concentrate better on the service in this church.  I love the services but will be grateful when the season itself is over and we move into Epiphany.

Tomorrow we brave bad roads, snow storms and freezing cold temperatures to get into the city and see my parents and my husband's family.  It will be good to connect with them all and it is always worth the drive.  Hopefully it will cheer my father a bit.  We are arranging a phone call for him with his grandson, guaranteed to bring a smile to his face.

So, will blog some more at the end of the month, heading into the new year.  Feeling most uncreative right now, my mind being on the upcoming trip and getting ready for Christmas Eve services.  I am looking forward to a break from the computer and telephone while we are at mom's where there is no internet service available.  Being quiet and spending time with only family is a real need that we have this year.

Hoping every reader of this blog does have a wonderful Christmas time whether celebrating with family and friends, or alone and enjoying a bit of a break from the weekly routines.  May Jesus' birth pique your curiosity about why he matters and get you reading a bible, maybe the book of Luke, to see what difference his life is supposed to make for you and for all the earth.  Jesus, the baby, the rebel, the saviour. to you all again soon.

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