Thursday, December 20, 2012

Oh, My Poor Parents

So my dear parents got the news today about Dad's so called emergency MRI.  It is now scheduled....for August 2013!!!  Apparently he is not considered an emergency after all.

I want to be charitable here.  The doctors, nurses and technicians are stretched about as thin as they can be and I feel that generally they are doing their best with a bad situation that has been going on in Alberta health care ever since Premier Ralph Klein made such a muck of things to pay off a provincial debt that subsequently ballooned again under his successors.  Our public health care system across Canada is disintegrating and most everyone who cannot afford private health care is in the same boat.

When it is your own family member suffering as a result of the system as it stands these days it is more difficult to be so charitable, I have to admit.

Dad will be unable to leave his current medical facility until the MRI is done and the surgery takes place.  It means my mother will be alone for the next 8 months or more for the first time in her married life, learning to cope and take care of all the chores of daily living on her own.

She is not the first and certainly not the last senior this is going to happen to.  I just feel so badly for her. I think she went into shock this morning.  We had been told it could take up to 3 months for the MRI so hearing that it will be 8 is quite a shock to us all.

There are so many seniors facing this and similar scenarios of enforced separation due to health issues.  Like the majority of seniors in this situation it has happened so quickly and unexpectedly.  

It is an unfortunate fact of life for senior citizens  like my parents.  They are not experiencing anything particularly unusual for this day and age in our country.

What I am grateful for is that there is a good facility dad can live in while he waits and there is always the chance that cancellations will bump him higher up the list to have the MRI.  If my mother can accept things as they are without panicking completely, a new lifestyle for them will be possible, although very inconvenient.  

My fear is that Dad will react emotionally to this and decide he  no longer wants to live.  Another possible 8 months of dealing with this chronic pain may be more than he feels he can face.  I can understand that.  He is not eating as it is to avoid experiencing the bowel problems from the pain meds that he suffered through last weekend.

So, here we go again: my husband's mom with her own extended hospital stay last spring and summer and her passing in Sept., and now my own dad and mom.

It is just that time of life.  I have been on the phone and internet all morning seeking other possibilities for dad but so far nothing he can afford to even contemplate has arisen.

Well, we shall continue to pray and wait and research and hope for the best.  With all the osteoporosis fractures dad has had over the years, particularly the many spontaneous spinal fractures, we need to all be grateful it didn't come to this a decade or more ago.

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