Saturday, December 8, 2012

Over and Done With

We are home from our most recent travels to a couple of the provincial cities.  Parishioners were visited in their hospital rooms and the episcopal election completed with good results.  Our now former Arch Deacon is our new Bishop and I think he will be an excellent choice!  The biggest shocker for one and all is that he was easily elected on the first ballot!  That is a rarity for episcopal elections, but selfishly a welcome one for us as we were able to return home just as the sky was darkening and another night of snowfall was beginning.  The roads were freshly ploughed and sanded on our way to our destinations and very ice free coming home today.  It appears that all the delegates who travelled long distances for the election will have equally great return trips. What a mercy.

My klutzy self provided some good laughs during the Eucharist but I will share those tomorrow.  I am so tired and heading for an early bedtime. Tomorrow is early morning church in the other town and then after what will be, hopefully, a restful afternoon at home, we have to return there for the Advent pot luck dinner.  By Monday we will be too worn out to get out of bed.......although if my new bed is delivered tomorrow I could be convinced to receive it and simply transfer from the old bed to the new one with minimal "feet on the floor" time in between.

I will also try to remember to blog about the delicious Italian meal we ate in Regina at a little Trattoria on Scarth Street just  a couple of blocks from our hotel.....interesting!

Hope you are having a great weekend.

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