Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Snow Crunchin'

This afternoon we went to visit some parishioners.  Great visit, delicious sherry....yup, a nice afternoon.

However when we left our friends and went to our car we discovered that once again my husband left the lights on during our visit and the battery was dead.  Sigh........who puts their car lights on in broad daylight??  

So, since I was expecting a phone call from the hospital about dad's condition I decided to leave my husband to deal with the problem and  hoof it home on foot; my first real winter pedestrian experience on the new and improved ankle.

Fortunately we had about 10 centimeters of snow come down overnight and this morning.  Since it was still coming down mid afternoon very few people had shovelled their sidewalks yet and the deep snow covered the ice on the pavement very well indeed.  There was a lot of traction for my boots.

What a thrill to be out walking with so little worry about slipping and falling.  Even the slippery intersections, where only yesterday the ploughs had been out scraping off the snow down to the bare glassy ice, were covered with a thick layer of crunchy dry snow.  I felt free as a bird and even took my eyes off the ground occasionally to look around at the snow covered tree branches and little mounds of fresh white clean snow atop cars, fence posts and BBQ units that hadn't been taken indoors after the summer season.

Crunch, crunch, crunch went the snow under the soles of my boots. The most fun I had was at the intersection closest to my house where large chunks of packed snow from yesterday's ploughing were stacked along the curb where I had to cross.  There was a 10 cm dump of fresh crisp snow on top of the hardpack and it was fun stepping up into it before the big slide down the other side....yup, I slid....on purpose, good foot first.  Very confidence restoring, it was.

As I neared home I caught myself walking more and more slowly, trying to prolong the experience, but knowing that phone call was coming brought me to my senses before I tried another climb over the hardpack again just because I knew I could.

I was rewarded for my discipline.  The phone rang as I was walking into the house and it was not only the hospital, it was actually my dad!  We couldn't talk for more than a couple of minutes as the spasms of pain left him gasping for breath every few seconds, but he has improved sufficiently to carry on a brief conversation.  What an encouragement for all of us.  Mom is encouraged as well that if these new pain meds can do their job over the next couple of days there may be an MRI for dad in the near future.  If the spasms can be reduced to the point where he can be in the MRI machine without twitching for as long as the test takes, then the surgery will be able to be scheduled.

Here's hoping.......some good news today....for me and for dad.

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