Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Blessing of Life Long Friends

This afternoon I received a phone call from a dear friend.  He has been driving my mom to the hospital every day to visit my father.  My parents have known him since before I was fact, if I remember correctly, he is the man who drove my father to the maternity hospital to greet me for the first time following my birth. He was my first babysitter.  He gave a speech at my wedding.  He has been a friend to our family through decades of differing circumstances, through good and bad times, always there helping us when we have needed assistance of many kinds, a true blue forever friend.

He cared for his mother for many years.  He took care of his siblings and other relatives.  He cares for a number of very elderly individuals who are otherwise alone in the world.  He delivers Meals on Wheels.  He taught elementary school for many years, caring for each and every student.  He is very close to several members of my extended family that he grew up with in the old neighbourhood.

We had a nice talk on the phone today and he invited us and my mother to come to his home for Christmas Dinner on Christmas Day.  What a treat.  I was planning to cook some Christmas food of some kind on Christmas Eve to take to Mom's so she would not have the burden of cooking but this will be even more fun.  The food I take can be eaten on another day during our visit.  How like him to turn down several other invitations of his own to make sure my mother would not be alone on Christmas, and to include us as well when he found out we are going to be in the city.

I wish everyone could be as blessed as our family has been by this man.  There is no gift we could give him to fully express our love and appreciation for what he has done for us so often and so faithfully.  Maybe some day there will be a way to let him know the depth of our love for him and our gratitude for his love for us.  

There are many human "angels" walking about on the earth......our friend is one of them.


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