Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Prairie Plain Has Mainly Freezing Rain

Unfortunately for us we have been hit with the edge of a chinook wind from Alberta.  The temperature has risen from -16C yesterday to +2C this morning and so once again the wind is howling and we are under threat of getting a dowsing of rain....rain that will freeze all over the ground and make driving anywhere incredibly dangerous and walking on the sidewalks nearly impossible.  Hopefully we will have our usual short lived chinook event and get back to the still predicted daytime highs of -16C again by tomorrow.  I saw the news from southern Alberta last night and the populace was freaking out about the black ice on the highways.  Well, yes it is a problem but when I saw the overall condition of their highways in comparison to our own I felt like reaching into the tv and grabbing the reporter by her Pashmina scarf, pulling her through the screen and pointing her eyes toward our own highway disaster.  "You wanna see bad winter driving conditions?? Lady, I'll show you bad winter driving conditions!!"  Wow, I had forgotten how much different conditions can be so near to the west of us.  I used to detest winter highway driving when I lived in Alberta.  Now I am longing for those same conditions here to the east.

Perspective is everything!

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