Saturday, December 1, 2012

Today the technology worked....mostly

Our entire province of Saskatchewan is being stormed upon this weekend.  The episcopal candidates were to head up to Yorkton this morning for their final deanery meetings but the highway was so covered in ice it was actually closed.

So, a conference call and SKYPE were set up for all of us who, because of weather issues, were denied a chance to meet our candidates for next weekend's election.  What a joy to have SKYPE.  AND it even worked for us through the nearly 2 hour meeting.....until the last 5 minutes when it cratered a couple of times.  Internet connections around this part of the country are not that stable and so it takes far more work to connect and maintain connections than in more  urban settings.

How wonderful to see all the candidates and to be able to connect faces to the many written profiles and email info.  The way each candidate answered the same questions in such a different manner and with different thoughts was fascinating, but it is making it difficult to know who to vote for if my personal fave doesn't make it past the first or second ballot.

Just trusting God for the right person to shepherd all of us in this Diocese in the future. Very excited to see what happens at next weekend's vote.

In the meantime my hope (scant though it may be) is that some of this pile up of ice and snow will be melted off the highways before we leave for Regina Friday afternoon.

Well, it is good to have  dream.........


Ron Baker said...

So, how soon do we know who wins the election?


Susan said...

We vote next Sat. Dec. 8 and so we will know at some point that day depending on how many ballots it goes to. Thanks for thinking of us.