Friday, December 21, 2012

We're Dreamin'

One tradition my son and I have is sharing some of the crazy night time dreams we each experience.  Last night he called to tell me his latest, featuring myself.

Apparently in his dream he had committed a minor crime but the law enforcement agency in his town considered it a horrendous breach of the public trust.  They executed an arrest warrant and put a bounty on his head.  I, his loving mother, decided to capture him and bring him in so that I could collect the bounty!  His own mother!! hahaha

The dream ended after I had managed to capture him and secure him inside a van, but as I climbed in to drive him away to the police station I slammed my fingers in the door.  End of dream as my son woke up at that point.

Yup, serves me right!!!  Turning in my own son to collect a bounty......for shame!!!!


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