Friday, December 14, 2012

What is more Delightful than a Home Made Cinnamon Bun?

And yes, that IS a rhetorical question!

My neighbour Mary is a wonderful 93 year old woman.  She has become a close friend.  We share our hearts easily with each other.

Mary also shares her gift of baking with me at regular intervals.  Once every 7 to 10 days she arrives at my front door bearing her latest spectacular gift from the oven:  bread, buns, cakes, muffins and today's amazing cinnamon buns, warm and freshly iced with lemon juice and  cream cheese.

Mary is a diabetic and has learned how to bake nearly every amazing favourite sweet treat on the planet without using sugar.  I have never asked her to share her recipes with me because I am a terrible baker at the best of times, but also because I so love the surprise of answering my front door and being confronted by this tiny powerhouse of a woman bearing the most delicious gifts I have ever received.  I have never cared for icky sweet sticky cinnamon buns filled with strong cinnamon so I usually avoid eating them. But Mary's are sticky gooey stuff, minimal cinnamon, light fluffy  buns and that fantastic gets no better than this on a cold snowy winter day.

Mary speaks her mind but with good humour and a ton of wisdom.  She was widowed around the same time last year that I fell and broke my ankle.  We have grieved together, laughed together and rejoiced in each other's good times.  We keep an eye on each other's houses and regularly phone to check on how the other person is faring.

It is a great treat to receive Mary's good baking.  It is a greater blessing to call her my friend.

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