Friday, January 25, 2013

5 Days Off After Christmas and Other Joys

It has been a fairly long wait after Christmas for my husband to be able to take the 5 days off he is technically supposed to take immediately after the holiday happens.  This year at least he is taking them.  He hasn't always been able to.  When you work in a small rural parish it is often easier to just stay around and do the work yourself than to have to find enough people able and willing to take not only the Sunday services but all the other work commitments that 5 weekdays can hold. As it happens, there are 5 days he can take this coming week that require only one person willing to replace him for a nursing home service and our people are so willing to assist there that it shouldn't be a huge problem.  Our parishioners are very helpful whenever they can be, we are just so short of people resources, particularly during this time of annual, well earned vacation times of winter snow birding down south of the border and to exotic foreign lands. My husband is fighting some kind of viral infection at the moment so this week that suddenly opened itself to be taken off couldn't have come at a better time.  Sometimes the magic works.........

He does have a major meeting Monday afternoon, an annual parish council meeting that is very important, so he will not be using Monday as a day off, but the rest of the week will be good.  My other tooth extraction is Monday morning so I won't be in any condition during the week to pester him to do anything.  He can rest and I can heal and it is going to be incredibly awesome......she says by faith.  Perhaps if we both recover in time we can slip down to Calgary and check on my parents now that Dad is happily home from hospital.  Or perhaps we could go a lesser distance to our local city for a day and get some badly needed grocery items, or an office chair or.......whatever we want. Or perhaps we could just pull the drapes, unplug the phone and go nowhere at all.

Whatever happens or doesn't happen it is going to be a good week without the stresses of work at a time when my husband just isn't feeling on top of his game.  God's care of us is sometimes immediately evident.  Wow!

A phone call from our son added to our joy tonight.  An attempt made by himself and a friend to start an artist's petition in his city some time ago has resulted in that city's decision to consider allowing their large art museum to purchase a piece of prime downtown property that was to go to some developers instead.  He is now on the committee with others who will attempt to make this happen. What a boost it would be to the culture of the city whose art museum is shamefully small and underfunded for a city of that size and with an international reputation for supporting the arts.  He has secured funding and a space at a local university campus to do a noise and performance art production the middle of next month and is in charge of the gallery where he works while his boss is away for the month.  In the middle of that he is also curating a show for a group of artists.  He has been invited to do shows of his own in Ontario and BC in 2013 and 2014 at some pretty decent galleries so that is also exciting.  Second year of school is coming up this summer as well.  Yes, I am proud of him but I also go on and on about him because he has come out of a dark time in his life when it appeared his career was disappearing faster than water down an open drain. The changes are fascinating to me.  He has prayed and worked and prayed and worked some more in all areas of his life and it is bearing fruit.  He has regained his more disciplined lifestyle and a deeper spiritual life.  It is all good and I write about him because I am marvelling at how God has pulled him out of a deep pit of despair and helped restore him to himself.

My English student did impressively well at his lesson today.  He practises for hours every week and his hard work is showing up in his reading and conversation.  If  he can't change his accent enough to suit him it won't be from lack of trying.

The music is chosen and practised for Sunday morning, the bulletins are done, the church hall kitchen has had a bit of a spiffing up by me tonight in preparation for the rental group coming in tomorrow evening for the wine tasting.  20 guests is the minimum number to put on such an evening and by this morning we were well over that number so that is encouraging.

I got my hair cut today and the last of the old colour is now gone gone gone!!  I am delighted.  There is more natural dark hair left on my head than I was expecting and the way the grey has come in reminds me of the old black and white test pattern on CBC television, but I am growing to like the look.  haha

We listened to a friend's sermon tonight....what a great thing some of the church websites are when we can hear for ourselves how our friend preached last Sunday morning at his church.  Good content and great delivery.

So now it is time to do a swack load of dishes before heading to bed.  My husband made lentil/chick pea soup tonight so there are a "few" dishes.  If he will cook I will happily do the clean up. The aroma in this house is amazing and I know I am going to go to bed feeling hungry tonight just from that fabulous smell.

May all the rest of the weekend go as well and as productively as today has gone and may my husband start to feel better. Amen!

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