Monday, January 14, 2013

A Big Package For A Little Lady

This afternoon I went to the post office and discovered a parcel delivery card in our mail box.  It was a package of hilarious greeting cards sent from an out of province friend.  Ahh, easy peasy to tuck into my large purse and carry across the street to my warm car.

However, just ahead of me in line to pick up the parcel was one of the tiniest ladies I have ever seen and she was also collecting a parcel she was obviously not expecting.  The box was HUGE and heavy.  She managed to manipulate it off the postal counter somehow despite the counter being only a few inches below her forehead for height.  She was fussing because she was on foot and could not manage to get that big box home without help.  So I offered her a ride.

Here is a lovely thing about small towns and immigrants  on the prairies:  she comes from a very small town in India, is very new to Canada and it obviously didn't once occur to her that a complete stranger like myself offering her a ride home could be an offer with any danger attached to it.  She was so grateful and I could tell she had no notion that she should be at all wary of myself, a possible thief or serial killer or some other dangerous sort of person.  Of course it never occurred to me that she could present any danger to me either.  Women seem to just know such things about each other sometimes.  

It was like a step back in time for me:  2 people, complete strangers to each other, able to talk and provide assistance to each other with nary a thought that anything bad could happen; not a worry about who each other could be nor what dangers could befall us if we drove off together across town.  It was like a return to my childhood growing up in an innocent kind of place where bad things were not expected to happen when one person was offering to assist another.

I so enjoyed it.  She invited me into her home for juice and a visit and unfortunately I wasn't able to take her up on her offer, but I would have had there been time.  I hope I run into her again. She is interesting and talkative, eager to tell me about her home country and full of questions about Canada.  The whole experience took about 3 minutes of my time but it gave a wonderful colour to the grey wintery day outside.

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