Friday, January 11, 2013

A Blessing For My Son

My son is having his first art show in Toronto at G Gallery, a  little non-profit run by Guelph University.  It is very much a DYI kind of gallery but my son likes that because he would rather do his own installations to ensure they are done the way he wants them done......a perfectionist like his father.  His show may not be particularly successful as Toronto is not a hub of experimental art, but it is a great joy for any younger artist to be able to show there.   I am so happy for him.

One of the biggest blessings for him is where he is staying while he is in TO.  A dear elderly couple in one of our churches here has a daughter a son-in-law living in Toronto.  They are great patrons of the arts there and very supportive of newcomers to the arts scene.  They decided they would like to do something kind for our son because her parents enjoy us and we are good friends.  So, they invited our son to come and stay in their guest house while he is in Toronto.  It is an amazing place, but even more amazing is their treatment of him.  They have covered all his transportation costs, they have arranged for a fabulous evening out with themselves and their friends, they have invited all manner of art folk to his opening this evening, they fed him a wonderful steak dinner last night and gave him access to their rare art book collection.......he is thrilled by the way they have welcomed him into their homes and lives.  I am thrilled as well for him to be able to spend time with people he would never have met had we not been sent here for my husband's career posting.  Whether or not his show is any sort of success he has met some wonderful new friends who are what I call "prairie folk all dressed up".  I don't know what I will be able to do to show my gratitude to them for the way they have welcomed and feted our son and to her parents for all they have done to welcome US into the community here and supporting my husband so decisively in all he does in his ministry.  

Sometimes our family receives blessings we don't son is getting a wonderful blessing of a working vacation after 2 very difficult years of life.  He is meeting with art dealers and having a little show in a new city.  Whatever the long term outcome, even if there isn't one, he has had a marvellous experience and we are deeply grateful to a couple we have yet to meet.  

Times like this make the hard times easier to bear.......wonderful memories and a restoration of the ability to hope for better things, even if short lived, to come....because they can and they do.

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