Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Newly Empowered Woman....My Mother!

With  my father in hospital long term my mother is learning how to take charge of her own life for the first time at the age of 85.  I am so very proud of her.

A couple of nights ago she called me and was very upset.  The newspaper delivery service had messed up her new delivery dates and her billing.  The young tenants upstairs had left the water on in their bathroom resulting in a flood below in hers.  Oooh, what to do, what to do.  Dad always took care of such things.

We talked about the fact that she would have to make some phone calls on her own and try to straighten things out, something incredibly difficult for a life long worry wort. For the first time she is on her own having to live life and fix up some messes.

Well, she bravely got on the telephone and contacted the appropriate parties for both issues and voila, problems taken care of.

She was very pleased with herself and I am very pleased for her.  I pray this new independence can take hold and create a more fulfilling life for her even if and when Dad should return to their home.  Fingers crossed..........

Speaking of Dad it is his 86th birthday today.  Some of their friends are going up to his room today with a banner and a cake and some cards.  He will be thrilled....although he will also be expecting something to happen and would be devastated if nothing did. haha  I am going to call him this afternoon and wish him well during his party.  He won't be able to eat the cake and he will take only a cursory glance at the cards before sending them home with mom and the banner will be off the wall as soon as everyone around him has a chance to see it and congratulate him on his special day, but he will be delighted that he was fussed over and praised for living this long.  I hope he has good pain control today and can enjoy every minute of his friends doing something so nice for him.

I am happy to report that over the past week his pain has come under far better control.  In near miraculous fashion he began therapy yesterday and was able to walk with a walker to the dining room for 2 meals, out to the desk to the phone and completed 2 runs of the parallel walking bars in the physio lab.  He will try therapy again this morning.  There has been little success thus far in moving up the date of his MRI but if the pain remains controlled he will be able to go home.  I am researching some possible home care to come in for him once a week at least so that mom can have a break as she can't take care of him if he can't walk with the walker.  I pray he will learn to be a less demanding patient if he has to go home.

So one day at a time and we shall see what happens next with my parents.  I feel for them.  I think working for so many years in eldercare myself has prepared me for some of the health and accommodation items I will have to either break to them or assist them in dealing with over this next year.

For myself I am pleased that the only soreness left from my tooth extraction is where a freezing needle went into my cheek.  Even that is better than it was yesterday.  Modern dentistry......amazing!

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