Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Sweet Gift

Yesterday the doorbell rang mid afternoon. I wasn't expecting anyone and my husband was busy with meetings and couldn't answer the door, so I hauled my butt off the couch, clutched my ice pack to my swollen cheek and made it to the door before the visitor walked away again.
The man at the door was a new aquaintance from the wine and appetizers evening.  We had never seen him in town before and didn't actually get his name, but he showed a real interest in the food and a good knowledge about wines, quite interesting to talk to. I was surprised to see him at our door and even more surprised when he handed me a white tailed deer roast from his latest hunting expedition. He told me how to best cook it and that he was so happy to meet my husband...a man who shares his own interest in cooking and good food.  We are hoping he will come again at a time when my husband is available to visit.  In a small prairie town I am suspicious that his excitement over Dell's sushi plate stems from a lack of men he can talk to about his cooking hobby, similar to the way Dell has a lack of fellows locally with any interest in talking about philosophy and theology. It has taken Dell 3 years to find a non-pastor friend to talk about his interests with here.
No surprise that theology and cooking are not hot topics of conversation in a place filled with robust farmers, hunters and fishermen.  They have no time to investigate either topic in the hard ongoing work of making a living from the land.But what a pleasant surprise to meet the fellow who came to our door bearing meat! I hope he and Dell will be able to hit it off and share their cooking hobby sometime.

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