Monday, January 21, 2013

A Very Cool Day Off Doing A Little Bit 'o' Dis an' Dat

Today is the kind of day off for my husband that we really enjoy, even on a day as cold as this one.  We have had wind chills of -30C most of the day and the sky is overcast with bits of light snowfall on occasion, but our hearts are warm and sunny.  Today we have had a day like most "normal" folk experience all the time.

We've done emails and gone grocery shopping and done other errands, eaten a take out lunch and made a huge vat of chicken vegetable soup, napped and watched tv, written letters, done some internet research and talked on the phone with a cousin of mine we don't get to visit often, but who is responsible for getting us to Japan ten years ago and who we feel close to as a result.  AND now it is only 4:30pm and we have the entire evening to putz around and enjoy.  I LOVE days off like this.

Tonight we are going to download a sermon given yesterday by a friend in his church 2 provinces away from us and we are really looking forward to that.  He is a professional computer tekkie, but also a very good preacher and we wonder if God is going to move him into more of that sort of ministry.

Another friend sent us a video and some lovely photos from a winery in Argentina.  My husband will download them to our church computer and show them on Saturday night in the church hall during a wine tasting event our friend is hosting for our community.  Wine paired with various hors d'oeurves will make for a wonderful relaxing evening. He is bringing the vintner from Argentina with him so it promises to be an evening of learning as well as fun.

We have a fat loaf of French bread just begging to be made into French toast for dinner tonight....slathered in  berries and real maple syrup.......good thing we ate so many veggies with our take out lunch today!!

Have been receiving more positive reports on the health of both my parents and so hopefully that will be the trend, for a few days at least.  It is nice to have even a short break from worrying each day about what is happening to them.  Mom sounded so well on the phone and Dad is feeling hopeful and less confused as the weaning off the morphine continues.

Yup, a good day off today.  I am grateful for the accompanying peace of mind and spirit.

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