Monday, January 7, 2013

And This Time As Well!

Right now I am starting recovery from my first dental extraction in 23 years. My goodness, my respect for my new dentist continues to grow and grow.  Her hand is going to be as sore tomorrow morning as my jaw is going to be.  What an ordeal......for her, not for me!

I ended up with a lot of extra freezing needles in my cheek and the back of my jaw as it didn't want to set up very well this time around, but once it took the extraction was painless...for me.  That poor dentist had to wiggle my big molar this way and waggle it that way, back and forth, side to side for a good 5 minutes or more until it loosened sufficiently to extract it.  I know she was exerting great pressure on my jaw but she was so gentle the way she moved that tooth.  There was no huffing nor puffing nor elbows flying in my face, no sweat running down her forehead, no outward cussing the creator of my toothy monstrosities, although by rights there should have been all those things.

When that tooth finally came out, with NONE of the crumbling she had expected, hallelujah, she exhaled and said she had never seen roots that big come out of a mouth that small.  (So next time someone calls me a "Big Mouth" I will be able to tell them my dentist does not agree. So there!)  The tooth had long long wide wide roots, and the ends are splayed outward.  I now sport a hole in my gum the size of the Grand Canyon and she says it will take a month to heal completely.  

BUT the aching, offending rotten tooth is gone.  I am so grateful.  But I really hope she can face a second performance, an encore so to speak, 3 weeks from today when a molar has to be removed from the other side of my mouth.

Dear New Dentist:  I salute you and your cheery, giggling, chatty staff who make dentistry seem like just another normal daily task that anyone would be thrilled to participate in.  Amazing!  Especially for me the Chicken of the Century!

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