Thursday, January 17, 2013

Boiling Over Blockading

There are many news articles in the papers today about the Idle No More protesters blocking traffic and trains on major highways and rail lines.  Government officials are upset, the police are mealy mouthed about possible arrests and the outcome thus far for the protesters seems murky at best.

I am not going to share my own views about the issues causing the protests.  I believe that some of the First Nations concerns are valid and others are not, but I do believe they are not winning any of the supporters over that they could have had if they had not started trampling on the rights of others to travel where they need to go.

Protesters often have good cause for protesting.  Peaceful protests are a good Canadian right thus far.  However, interfering with the daily lives of the very people whose support could add more weight to a good cause and assist in getting things changed at a government level seems most unwise.

Give me information at the protest sites.  Send out a facts sheet in the mail.  Give me a CLEAR list of the issues and why they matter to you and to us all, as I believe some of the Idle No More issues do.  Issue well written and informative press releases to the media so that the actual issues are heard by the general public.   If I relied only on media reports about the Idle No More movement I would still have little idea as to what issues are causing the uprising in the first place.  Media reports of late seem to assume readers and listeners have discovered the facts behind the media reports before those reports are ever made public and it is frustrating in the extreme.

So, protesters, if you want my support give me the facts, demonstrate without taking away my own freedoms, such as the freedom to travel to work unhindered.  Then I will be very willing to listen to your issues and throw my support behind you as much as I possibly can.

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