Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bucking the Trends

After 18 long and sometimes embarrassing months, the dye has finally come out of my hair.  The last barely visible bits of it left in the ends will come off in a couple of weeks at my next haircut.  The worst parts of the past year and a half were the months when the line of colour met the line of new grey hair about half way down the length of my head.  A few odd looks passed between people when they saw that for the first time, but I didn't die from it and no doubt it will all be forgotten very soon by even the most fashion conscious among our population here.

As I look at my face now I realize how old it was starting to look underneath that mop of dark hair.  Dying the hair once you reach a certain stage of life just emphasizes age instead of taking away from it.  Some people can pull off the dyed hair look for more years than others........I am thinking of my friend Patty whose face has not aged one bit in the nearly 10 years I have known her and will be able to dye her hair for years to come without looking fake.

A couple of other women I know have also decided to follow my lead.  Some of them have only started but the line of demarcation for them shows a beautiful pure white growing in to replace the colour.  I was hoping that I would follow in my paternal grandfather's footsteps and mine too would grow in as a pure white mane of loveliness.  However, there are still a fair number of dark hairs in amongst an iron grey that does not impress me at all.  O well, I went through this process and overall I am pleased with the results.  

I have decided I am quite content to look like my real self and not some younger woman wannbe.  The natural look is not for everyone. Maybe it isn't for me either but people are too polite to say so to my face. haha

Whatever, I am happy to just be me.  Really, who was I trying to impress?  I suspect we spend a lot of time, money and effort trying to look younger and prettier than we are so that we can look good for other people who aren't looking at us anyway.

Maybe we are all so busy in OUR OWN attempts to impress others with the way we look that we aren't looking at EACH OTHER at all.


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