Monday, January 14, 2013

Cold and Hot and Cold and Hot and Cold

The Subject Line pretty much sums up this week's weather forecast and the state of my health.  Saturday afternoon I started coming down with a sinus infection and the hot fevers and cold chills continued unabated until early this afternoon.  Fortunately I have some sinus medication for my nose and a combination ice pack and hot pack for my forehead and still sore gums from the tooth extraction.  If I go to bed before midnight tonight and sleep as well as I have the last 2 nights all will be well.

The subject line also describes the temperatures in our house over the past week.  The weather outside has been changing too rapidly for the furnace inside to keep up.  I have been setting the furnace temperature too low overnight and so the furnace humidifier has not been coming on as often.  Ergo the sinus problems.  One thing I have learned in my life on the prairies is that during the dry air times of winter if the humidifier doesn't come on often enough to create rivulets of water down every window in the house at all times, I will not be able to breathe at all.  Bleaching the windows and frames and sills every spring to remove stains from all that water is a real pain, but after spending 2 winters of my life in abject misery due to lack of humidity I have learned I need that moisture all winter long.

The subject line is indicative of our weather changes happening every couple of days in recent weeks.  We had some nice days last week, then a couple of huge snow storms with accompanying temperature drops.  For the past 3 days it has been bitterly cold, leaving the snow and ice on the streets nice and solid and crunchy.  Tomorrow we will be on the receiving end of 2 days of warm tropical air coming in from the west coast that will sweep northward and then blow back down in our area........can you believe it?  TROPICAL air flow coming down from the NORTH to the prairies.  It means we will have major melting during the next 3 days. The piles of snow everywhere will begin to shrink rapidly and the ice on the streets will gather pools of water on top of itself with dangerous deep ice still lurking underneath, hidden just sufficiently for pedestrians to start taking a few nasty falls around town. That is the ice condition I fell and broke my ankle on last year.

By Friday the warm air will have moved on to some geographical location more appropriate to tropical air flow in winter, and all the melt water here will freeze solid once again.  When it does that water on top will turn glassy smooth like a skating rink.  I am guessing it will be at least a week before my husband will permit me to leave the house to go anywhere other than the attached garage and the passenger seat of our car.  I can't blame him. He was the one who had to care for me all last winter while I was confined to a wheelchair all because of one tiny misstep on the ice.

Cold and hot and cold and hot and cold.......yup, kind of a description of life in general, isn't it?

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