Monday, January 28, 2013

Final Extraction

The weather outside is in  a state of flux.  A dramatic increase in temperature has brought such heavy fog upon us that travel is not recommended on most area highways this morning.  Fog, icy patches, blowing snow and pavement frost have made for a grey and most unedifying day; by the end of the morning most peoples' moods will be as grey as the great outdoors.  Somehow it seems a fitting day to have a tooth extracted.

However, my mood is at least somewhat brighter than the fog and snowy greyness.  I am so happy that at last a tooth that has given intermittent problems over the past few years is finally coming out.  Discovering such a great dentist and such a cheery bunch of dental assistants has encouraged me that going to the dentist does not have to be a somber, terrifying experience.  It has also encouraged me that large groups of women can work well together, after some disappointing experiences in the past with that scenario.  If I am ever tempted to severe depression I think I will just go over and sit in the waiting room of the dental office.  In a half hour I will be super charged and happy again.

This extraction, a filling next month, and that should be the end of major dental work for awhile.

A good friend is graduating today with his Bachelor degree so that is very happy news for us, our son heads off in a couple of days for his next adventure, my parents seem to be settling into a routine now that Dad is home and he is trying hard to follow the doctor's orders and behave himself by using his walker ALL the time, my husband begins his mandatory "5 days off after Christmas" once he completes the parish council meeting this afternoon and the cold snap hitting us again overnight and lasting for the next 3 days will guarantee we will not be travelling anywhere. Maybe we can get some home projects completed at last after the busy season we just experienced.....and before Lent starts.

Still trying to decide if I want to brave a personal retreat at the monastery where the clergy retreat is taking place next week.  3 days alone with only my Bible and a notebook, 3 days of silence, 3 days of my husband being near and yet so far as he has his own retreat with the other clergy......kind of a daunting prospect as I all ready spend so much time alone here as it is.  Hmmmm....not sure what God is calling me to do but if I don't get a room booked by today there likely won't be any available.  The monastery retreat centre is a very busy place at all times. I guess if there is "no room at the inn" for me that will answer my question.

So all is well on this foggy grey morning.  The stress over my parents' situation has abated at least somewhat and soon this tooth will be out of my head.  Lots of good possibilities for this coming week of rest and home projects.  I am encouraged.

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