Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fun For the Son

Our son has once again fallen with his nose in the butter.  His wonderful week in Toronto, so unexpectedly and joyously sponsored by new friends he had not met prior to their accommodating him there, is not the end of his good fortune this winter.

Later this month he is heading to Los Angeles with his boss for an art book fair.  They have to keep costs down on this trip and so registered for accommodation with an online booking agency where first you pay, then they tell you where you are going to stay.  

So, where are they being put up for their week in LA? What little hole in the wall dive are they stuck with?  What miserable, ratty, seedy dump of a hotel did their agency come up with?

Yeah........ratty?  Seedy?  Dumpy dive?  

Guess again!

They have a week booked at the beautiful Westin Bonaventure, known for its amazing modern architecture!

What a great winter our son is having!  We are very happy for him.

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