Thursday, January 17, 2013

Is there Anything More Delicious Than a Farm Fresh Chicken?

I have a confession to make:  I have never, prior to last evening, roasted a chicken in the oven.  I admit it.  I accept my 50 lashes with a wet buckwheat noodle.  Bad bad bad!!  I always purchase the various parts separately and use them in other dishes

But last night I stepped out in faith, trussed and herb'd and onion'd that bird and tossed it into a casserole dish that served as a tiny roaster.  I don't even own a proper roaster for putting chickens into.  Fortunately this little dish worked well.

The only mistake I made was cooking the chicken right side up with the breast meat down on the bottom of the dish, but part way through the cooking when I checked on the progress I realized why the chicken looked a bit odd, and turned it upside down properly.  I re-herb'd and re-onioned the chicken breast and the extra herbs certainly added to the flavour.  Delicious!  I used poultry sesasoning, onion bits, paprika and butter on the outside and a whole small onion plus herbes de provence inside the cavity.  It was a nice combination.  

So I learned there is no big trick in roasting a is just like doing a turkey only in miniature. The Hutterites around here that grew this chicken really know how to raise a tasty bird to go along with the wonderful vegetables they sell us in the summers.

The chicken and the potatoes we ate with it last night, and shared with friends, were gifts from parishioners and that made the meal even more special.  The friends enjoyed it and ate well so it must have been okay.

So, I guess I won't have to live another 50+ years before I roast another chicken.  I thought, for some reason, it would be more complicated than it is.

You may now stop snickering, guffawing and doubling over with laughter.

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