Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Meat Meat and More Meat

My husband and I are both feeling better today than we have in a few days.  I seem to be beating this sinus infection and the sun has come out after nearly a week of grey days, so my husband also has more energy today.
We decided to use all the money and grocery gift cards today that we received from our churches for Christmas.  We decided to purchase the more expensive items like meats and cheeses.  And so we had a grand time choosing several hundred dollars worth of pork roasts, bacon, beef roasts, ground chicken, chicken breasts, extra lean burger, sausages and salmon filets.  My husband chose some good asiago, white Irish cheddars, Dubliners, orange cheddars, Swiss cheeses and a good sized block of hard parmesan.  The bries are usually not ripe when we get them here so didn't bother this time.  We are pleased with our haul.  What a wonderful gift for the priest and his wife.  We have enough meats and cheeses to last us for the rest of the winter.  More importantly we feel cared for by those we are trying to serve.  It is a great honour to be the recipients of such bounty.

Then we took a gift card for a restaurant, also from a parishioner, and took ourselves out for lunch.  My husband ordered a huge vegetarian pizza, half of which he brought home to supplement our supper of left over casserole from last night.  (chicken with eggplant, red pepper, onion, potato, carrot, zucchini, broccoli with a mixture of Italian seasonings and herbes de provence and tomato sauce)  I ordered a huge chicken caesar salad and ate almost the whole thing! Since I am allergic to lettuce I will no doubt pay for it later with an upset stomach, but I don't care. It was delicious!!

We still have a Tim Horton's gift card to use.  Knowing us, instead of stretching it out, one tea and doughnut at a time, we will likely go and have the 2 biggest lunch combos they have and use the whole thing at once.  

There is something about gift cards, even the ones you can take back to use again and again until the purchase amount is exhausted:  it is SUCH a treat to have them that we just wallow in the fun of being able to spend that much money all at one time on such decadence. 

Being so appreciated is wonderful and we don't feel worthy sometimes of an outpouring like this one.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to us!  Every time we eat the meat and share the cheeses we will be reminded that our people care for us as we also care for them.

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