Sunday, January 27, 2013

Nothing Could Be Finer!

Last night was the most fun I have had in our town since I moved here nearly 3 years ago.  Today I am exhausted and sore from all the work I did to contribute to the evening's success, but it is worth every aching muscle and all the lost hours of sleep.

Our dear wine importer friend, Doug Reichel of Fine Wines Saskatchewan, teamed up with our local SLG franchise operator, Bonnie, and put on a wonderful wine tasting evening in our church hall.  We sampled 5 different wines from the Bodega Melipal Argentinian vinyards and Doug paired them with 5 hors d'hoeurves prepared by his wonderful and creative wife Catherine.  Our little town doesn't get much opportunity to have a truly well prepared and culturally edifying evening such as we had last evening and we thoroughly enjoyed every second of it.

Bonnie and I took over the kitchen to set up and prepare Catherine's hors d'hoeurves while one of the Melipal vintners explained the grapes used in each wine, the length of the fermentation process etc. and told fascinating stories of how her family aquired the vinyards, what their future plans are and some great family stories.  I always find it amazing how much work has gone into that little bottle of wine sitting on the table in front of me.  My husband made some sushi to go with the Rose and we discovered that it is so smooth and so full even our hot wasabi couldn't take away from the taste.  Finally we have a fine wine that will pair beautifully with spicy foods.

Between preparing and serving the food and all the clean up afterward, which several folk mercifully stayed to assist me with, I hardly slept last night between my mind reliving all the fun we had and the soreness of my ankle and back, but wow I would do it again tonight if opportunity arose. 

Before our evening's entertainment began there we were at our other church hall in the other town enjoying immensely the congregation's annual roast beef dinner.  It is simple prairie food: tender roast beef, carrots and peas, mashed potatoes and gravy, vats full of mashed turnip and home made desserts.  Urp!  We made little in the way of successful attempts to not overindulge prior to the wine tasting evening back at home.  Simple food prepared and cooked properly.......well, there is nothing like it.

I feel blessed to have been able to partake of all this food fun BEFORE I have another tooth extracted tomorrow morning.  How horrible would it have been to be faced with all the food and frivolity and not be able to participate and enjoy it.......the stuff nightmares are made of.


Penny said...

nice - one of the most cheerful notes I have read from you in a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong time and a real answer to prayer that God provided some encouragement for you both, to deal with the waiting for the next opportunities.

Hugs galore

Susan said...

Yes, I haven't been conscious of not feeling cheerful of late, but looking back over the past couple of weeks of postings tells me I have had too much stress and exhaustion. Time to take some steps to get back on top of my game here. The situation with my parents has been weighing on me and all the dental work makes me tired. I have decided that winter is not my season! Funny how weather can have such drastic effects on people isn't it?

Penny said...

and when there are things that seem to pile up and are "making demands" on our attention, energy and time, as I have been facing lately, it is time to put things back into proper perspective.

I am not a great fan of long winters with lots of snow or liquid rain, it is a reasonable reminder that this is a time of rest and development under the pace myself and remind myself of what is truly important.

Hugs to you both and thanks for so many posts that have challenged me to review what is going on in my own life and ensure that things are put on a better track.