Wednesday, January 2, 2013

So I Went to See The Hobbit Last Night

So this must be Movie #4 of the "based on the Tolkien novel" series of movies that may never come to an end.  It was wonderfully acted and photographed. The special effects fly past at the speed of light. The script had a good amount of humour to it, although I missed a few of the words and phrases between a combination of them going by so quickly and the refusal of our local theatre to turn up the audio volume just a twitch.  

Overall I enjoyed it.  I have never read The Hobbit so I don't have the stress of the purists over what was added in, taken out and otherwise tampered with for the sake of making a more interesting movie.  I don't plan to read The Hobbit after my one failed attempt resulting in near terminal boredom that is the condition of people like myself trying to read a fantasy novel without the support of a decently creative imagination.

My only complaint was the mind numbing length of the various battle scenes.....and oh, there were so many of them.  Mind you, all the 10 year old boys, aka grown men, in the theatre thought they were great, so everyone was happy.

Nice to have an evening at the movies, even if this particular movie seemed to drag on a bit longer than necessary.


bullwinkle said...

I haven't seen it, yet -
but most likely will at some point.
However, sniff, I am a Tolkien
purist, sniff. And will probably
be saying, ah where did that
come from, and where did x,y, and
z go...


bullwinkle said...

By the way, I completely enjoyed
Lord of The Rings even though it
didn't match up with the book as
closely as a "sniff" purist would
like. ;) But I think the best way to
look at it is, that it is Peter Jackson's
Lord Of The Rings (or Hobbit) and
enjoy the movie on that level.
And Lord Of The Rings was well done.
So I am betting that Hobbit is as well.

Susan said...

Yes it was well done. Our friend was a bit put off that it strayed so far from the book, but as far as I am concerned from what I did read in the book, what Jackson did with the movie could only improve the whole story. hohoho