Saturday, January 19, 2013

Someone's in the Kitchen with Suzie!

 And that someone is her dear husband! What fun we had last night taking out our stresses and anxieties by working in the kitchen together.  He made a huge vat of wonderful stew and I set up a stock pot for chicken broth, soon to become a big vat of soup.  We ate stew for lunch today and will likely have more for dinner. It is fabulous, but the wonderful stewing smell that pervaded our house for the night woke me up at 4am with ravenous hunger brewing in my tummy!

At 11pm we were out digging holes in a snow bank behind the house to stash the hot pots filled with food for a quick cool.  Within an hour we were able to bring them both into the breezeway for the night.  What fun to get up this morning (again, after 4am emails and reading for a couple of hours) and bring all that food in for a reheating and preparation of the stew for lunch.  Tonight I will take the bones out of the stock pot, prepare the fresh veggies for the soup and cook it all up for a third time.  I am so happy my husband taught me how to make decent soup sans salt.

As we were rejoicing today on our afternoon break from tomorrow's church services preparation, joyfully sloshing stew into freezer cartons, we came to a sudden jolting realization:  remember my blog from a few days ago about all the meat we had purchased with our Christmas gift cards?  Um, well, you probably remembered, but WE certainly didn't remember. Of course you know exactly where all that meat is, don't you? is all in the little freezer in our refrigerator, the only freezer we have, and there is NO space left to freeze all the cartons of stew and the soon to be cartons of chicken vegetable soup!!  (Add laughter bordering on hysteria HERE)

The remains of the stew has completed its cooling process, the cartons are lidded and ready to be frozen, there isn't much room in the refrigerator for those cartons either....BUT my husband assures me that with some careful rearranging in the tiny freezer he will be able to get everything in there including the stew guarantees about my soup.

My husband is the eternal optimist about such things.  He is indeed a champion packer upper and small space filler, however I suspect this job may actually be beyond him.  'Twill be an interesting night watching him trying to jam all this food in there.  I suspect the cartons will have to go and instead we will repack the food into large flat ziplock bags that can stack up well with no extra plastic lids and corners to fill up space like cartons do.  

How could we forget that much meat so soon after our excitement about purchasing it??  Stress can do crazy things....just like this!! hohoho   Guess we will be eating a AWFUL LOT of stew and soup over the coming week......


Penny said...

ummmm - maybe it is time to creatively borrow space in the church kitchen freezer for a little bit, labelling the food well that it belongs to you?

Or purchase a small freezer that you can take with you on your travels?

Hate to have all that great food go to waste!

Susan said...

No worries my NEVER goes to waste around here, only to waist!