Thursday, January 24, 2013

Zonked!! Subtitle: From Maple Creek's Icy Mountains

Today I feel like I have been hit by a freight train: sore, exhausted, back aching...quite a comedown after yesterday's fun.

It is partly because I have been confined for so long that a day of shopping and eating out in another town was more excitement than I have had the joy of handling for awhile.

It is partly because I spent over 2 hours standing up, slow walking, standing around in the stores perusing the goodies and my ankle began to protest by the end of the afternoon.

It is partly because the howling winds overnight woke me up too many times last night and I had trouble getting back to sleep.

But it is mainly because during my hours of walking yesterday I had to hold myself so carefully to prevent a slip or a fall on the deep ice remaining on the streets  of Maple Creek.  No wonder my back is screaming today.

When we first arrived the sidewalks were very clear of ice and snow......the downtown retailers and local residents are to be congratulated for their obvious effort to make the pavement safe for pedestrian traffic.  The ploughs had cleared as much ice off the driving lanes as well as they possibly could given the volume if ice they were faced with.  However, shortly after I started my trek downtown a fine covering of snow came down.  It was just enough to make any small patches of thin ice that ran down from the eaves of the buildings, to fan out across the sidewalk in a few spots, very difficult to see.  In order to be sure I wouldn't fall I spent 2 hours doing the Seniors' Shuffle from one store to the next.  The alleyways and dips where the sidewalks met the streets for easy wheelchair access around town were covered in ice that was a good 3 to 5 inches in depth.  Heavy truck tires had gouged big hunks out of the sheets of ice where they accessed the alleyways.  Even if the ice had still been smooth it would have been slightly easier to navigate with that shuffly step I have perfected that doesn't require actually lifting my feet off the ground.  But with the huge gouges  in the ice the surface was rutted into ice hills and valleys, the edges of which were nearly impossible to discern under the light dusting of snow.  So those particular seams and joints from one block to another were treacherous for me.  I know I was as tense as a cat stalking a bird and today my muscles are letting me know it.  

Of course the aches and pains were not helped this morning when I spent well over an hour shovelling us out from last night's storm. And that was just the front of the house. My husband was able to tackle the back of the property so that he could get his car out of the garage to go to work today.  It is an excellent division of shovelling labour.  The sidewalk in front of the house is fairly flat and easy walking for my ankle. The back has all manner of wee hills and dales lurking under the snow that twist and strain those still tender ligaments of mine.

We got the place all shovelled out in time for the meter man to come and change our meter.  The gas meter on this house was installed in 1986 and hasn't been inspected nor changed since.  Great to get that accomplished.......and by a certified professional.  My husband didn't have to do THIS task himself!  

The highway to our other town was down to one skinny lane of traffic early this morning and travel was not recommended so my husband had to go to work late today.  I am glad because it gave him an extra half hour to sleep in and then a bit of time to recover from shovelling before the gas meter man left with his giant truck that had been parked behind the garage, effectively blocking my husband's departure.  

Tonight my husband is the speaker in the other town for the Day of Christian Unity.  It is a subject that is near and dear to his heart and he will give a great speech, of that I have no doubt.  He will be very late arriving home tonight but I made a huge pot of Japanese curry and rice a few minutes ago for him to come home to. 

In other news I learned from one of mom's friends that my dad is going home tomorrow. Mom hasn't told me yet.  I think she is too shocked and terrified as to how she is going to be able to manage him at home on her own.  Also my family has this weird habit of not telling me anything of significance so they don't worry me.....then they wonder why I freak out when the news finally breaks.  They do it to each other as well and it is the strangest thing how they decide for each other and for me how each of us is going to react to news of significance and then make communication difficult due to incorrect assumptions.   Oh, well, I just pray it isn't too soon for him or for my mom.  It is always disheartening to return home after a long stay in hospital because your automatic response at home is to try to jump up to answer phones and race about like you did before you had to go to hospital. Usually you are not that much better when first arriving home.  I have been through that a few times.  Dad isn't one to rest himself when he needs to so who knows how long his time at home will last.  Mom also found out her 2 eye surgeries have been moved up by over 6 weeks from their originally scheduled dates.  I am glad for her but realize how much hassle it is going to create for both of them if dad is still at home.  I was to be going down for the original surgery dates to take her to the hospital and take care of her. Now her appointments are happening during the last of my own dental procedures which can't wait any longer than they all ready have and the installation weekend of our new bishop which we can't miss either.  A friend of mom's is driving her as far as he knows, but he has his own medical appointments around that time as well.  

So, on we go with the usual stuff of life.  I think I am going to stuff myself into bed for an hour now before I do any more of my required tasks of the day.

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