Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Amazing Classmates

This morning I found out that the now multi-billionaire founder of a women's athletic wear company is a former high school classmate of mine.  No surprise there:  so many people I went to school with went on to become rich and/or famous.  I am proud of every one of them.  I went to school in tough neighbourhoods.  Some of these kids had pretty intense backgrounds, working class, working poor, downright poverty.  Some came from very wealthy families but made their mark on their own with little, if any, assistance from the family coffers.  The fellow I read about this morning I remember as a bit of a bully and he kind of frightened me at the time.  The positive side of those early traits have come out and he is now an amazing entrepreneur and philanthropist.

My highschool classmates have become well known actors, wrestling promoters, ballerinas, politicians, university presidents, artists, world class athletes, musicians, tv personalities and the like.  While I did not end up being among the rich and famous of my high school aquaintances, I am honoured to have known them before they became what they are today.  None of them would remember me, the shy mousey gal with the nondescript hair and wardrobe, but I remember them.  They weren't all stars in those days but they have all made something grand of themselves through a ton of hard work and never giving up in the face of early failures.

While I am not into namedropping about highschool days, it is a nice little moment for me when I hear of yet another international accomplishment by  former classmates as I can think to myself that I "knew them when".  I am thrilled for each one of them and hope that their lives continue to be as successful and happy as they have been in the past few decades. 

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