Thursday, February 14, 2013

Another "Special" Day Alone

The number of holidays, anniversaries, birthdays and other so called "special occasions" that have my husband in one place and myself in another, has become our family's big joke!  haha we go again.  Thanks to closed icy roads trapping him in the other town overnight last night and likely again tonight, I get to spend Valentines Day alone again this year.........can't wait to see what happens on our birthdays and anniversaries in the spring. There is ALWAYS something to prevent our celebrating such events on their actual dates and days.  After years of this the fun is finding out, sometimes at the last minute, what is going to interfere with our personal plans.  It is such a regular occurrence that rather than being bothered by it, we just laugh and laugh.  

As far as being alone on Valentines Day this year....again.......don't feel badly for me because it is not so dire.  We don't celebrate the day so I am not out anything. It is just one more occasion for us to be in different places doing different things at a time when the people around us are celebrating their togetherness.  Okay, okay, I admit to a bit of pride arising in our inner beings that we can be so detached from phony greeting card company extravaganzas.

Actually I was able to make good use once again of my time alone.  I completed the final cooking spree for my parents.  My freezer is so full I doubt I could get an empty ziplock bag sandwiched in there!! (Is that some kind of pun??)  Now, if the roads will just cooperate soon for me to deliver the goods to my folks......

I made a corn and bacon side dish as well as 5 shepherd's pies:  3 beef and 2 chicken, all with different combinations of vegetables tucked in under the whipped potato topping.  Happily there was a bit of leftover so for lunch I am eating ground chicken with corn, gravy and cauliflower in a great big bowl.  It doesn't look particularly appealing with the pasty chicken, white cauliflower and grey mushroom gravy with corn niblets floating around in the mash.  But it tastes AMAZING!  And since my husband can't eat corn it is mine..........all MINE!!  Nyaaaaa haaaa haaaaa.......

I am aghast at the number of dishes I have dirtied in the past 3 hours of cooking frenzy.  Now the dishes have got to be washed and dried and put away.  Yes, that is what I will do now: my Valentines Day gift to my husband will be a nice tidy, clean, dirty dish free kitchen counter.  YES!!!  I would rather have a clean counter to look at than a violent red, heart covered card any day of the year!  

The only thing I truly miss by not celebrating Valentines Day is the box of gooey sweet chocolates that make me feel ill every time I get my hands on one and make me wish I hadn't eaten all that sugar.

Dishes in the I come!!

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