Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bad Weather Widow

There are "golf widows" and "career widows" and various other descriptions of women being left alone, in the lurch or otherwise abandoned for other interests and other reasons.  Today I am a prairie "weather widow".

The day started off beautifully.  It was -2C outside with a bit of a breeze, little bits of snow and thin ice were melting in the warmth.......aaah, it was lovely.  Dell was preparing for a trip to our other church for the Imposition of Ashes service on this gorgeous Ash Wednesday followed by a fast trip home for a vestry meeting here in town.

At 3pm it all changed.  He got a phone call from some vestry members who had just returned to their acreage after a 10km trip into town this morning.  They told him he may want to cancel either vestry or the trip to the other town or both as a sudden drop in temperature and a large increase in the speed and strength of the wind was turning the melty highways into a drift covered, icy slushed, low visibility disaster.  NOOOO!!  

My husband is nothing if not determined!  Within 5 minutes he had his bedroll packed up and all the necessities for life and church services stashed into the backseat of the car.  Shovel, water, candles and flashlights, snow pants, parka, suede mitts, extra toques and 50 Below boots filled the trunk and off he drove into the mess that is our highway system at this time.  He just beat the driving snow that hit here 15 minutes later.  After all the work he had put into tonight's service and the Lenten lunch service, substitute teaching at the college and evening Bible Study all in that same town tomorrow, there was no way he was taking on the stress and frustration of attempting to cancel or find new leaders for any of the previously scheduled and advertised events.

It took him nearly 90 minutes to drive the 60 km and by the time he got to his destination the car was dragging snow from the drifts underneath and behind itself, but he made it!!  He averaged 40 to 50 km instead of the usual 100km speed limit in ideal conditions, but he made it.  He is justifiably proud of himself.  After being tempted to feel like an old crock all week, he has now proven to himself that at least he can still rouse the ghost of the northern Alberta farm boy when faced with winter roads in such poor condition.

How grateful I am for the couple who warned him about the dire possibilities of venturing out of town today so that he was able to get out driving before conditions worsened.  He may not make it home tomorrow night either, but at least I know he is safe.  The church basement couch is comfy enough and he has a goodly stash of his favourite brands of tea in the church kitchen for the morning. Whew!! Thank you Lord! Dell with no tea is not a pretty sight!!

The vestry meeting was able to be rescheduled for next week and it means two of the members who couldn't come tonight anyway will then be able to attend....sometimes all things DO work together for good!

I will spend tomorrow all relaxed and removed from his job stresses and concentrate on baking up some shepherds pies and chicken pies for my parents. Really looking forward to seeing them soon and delivering some more goodies for their freezer.  Mom has her first cataract surgery next Friday so is in a bit of a state just now, but this too shall pass.  Only a few weeks later she will have her other eye operated on so I am praying and hoping for good results for her.  Dad is doing some better but unfortunately is still on a degree of morphine for pain so his food tastes rather terrible.  BUT he is talking on the phone and getting around okay.  Was able to taxi across town today for a haircut.......a long trip for his bad back, but he made it.  Hallelujah!  Slowly but surely.........

AND spring is on the some point this year.........hopefully.........  

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