Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Exhausted!! Elated!!

Yesterday was such a great day!  I spent the morning cooking up some pumpkin, yams and carrots to make into several different dishes to share with my parents and then I got really brave.  I went for a walk downtown.

I actually think snails move more quickly than I did yesterday on my 10 block round trip!  I looked like a giant slug oozing my way across the icy intersections, holding up traffic for blocks because I couldn't make it all the way across the streets before the green pedestrian lights changed back to red.

No matter....I made it to the post office, to a friend's new business location and a restaurant and back home with no falls, in fact nary a slip nor a slide.  I enjoyed treating myself to a late lunch out, (a delicious chicken caesar salad), and came home elated that I made that little journey so safely.

Of course today I ache all over from holding myself so tightly during my walk yesterday. haha  Oooh, the hips are aching from not being able to relax and stride naturally around town.  I was so tired by the time I got home that my housework goals were completely tossed aside.  The living room couch felt very comfortable for 3 whole hours of tv watching.....THREE HOURS!  IN  A ROW!!  (don't ask me what I watched because I think I actually dozed out most of that time)

So today, tired as I am from tight muscles coupled with elation at getting away with a decent walk on the ice, I will be doubling up on the housework to stay caught up by tomorrow.  

Speaking of which I had better hop to it!!

Lots of encouragement today to stay home and work.  The sky is leaden grey and the clouds so heavy that I know we will get some kind of snowfall before the day ends.  Really thrilled that I got a walk in yesterday before the snow comes down and covers over the icy patches on the sidewalks.  It was one of those invisible icy patches that caught me unaware last winter and ruined things so badly for so many months.

So, okay.......OFF TO WORK!!

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