Monday, February 4, 2013

Fun With Photos and Food

This morning I finally located a store here in town that has a half decent selection of inexpensive but nice photo frames in the 5x7 size I have been seeking.  I stocked up for 7 photos I have been hoping to have framed professionally but can't justify spending that kind of money on at the moment.

All those frames made for an enjoyable afternoon of framing.  I have a good friend who is becoming an excellent is his retirement career and he is getting better and better at what he does. He has an excellent eye for colour and detail and has learned how, in the past few years, to use digital aspects in his photography tastefully and subtly.

I tried every photo in every frame just to be certain my original ideas when I found the frames were correct and what fun I had.

These particular pictures are of an autumn trip through Vermont and part of the Eastern Seaboard of the USA.  The colours are so lovely and as my photographer friend said, he will never again be jazzed about the fall colours here on the prairies after seeing the colours he saw on the eastern side of the continent.

After completing my project and spending the better part of an hour deciding where to place and hang all the new photos I decided to do some cooking.  

I thawed a large pork tenderloin roast and spent the evening slow cooking it in the oven....o so tender!  Half of it will go to my parents next time we head their way and half will be used by ourselves whenever we are in the mood for a delicious pork dinner.  There was a pack of chicken breasts in the freezer as well, taking up too much room in that small space.  So I thawed those too and made myself some hot'n'spicy chicken curry.  I didn't have any plain yogurt for the marinade but I have discovered that vanilla flavoured yogurt works just as well in small amounts.  I sauteed some small onions and fresh garlic and ginger in a bit of oil to add to the curry, made a pot of brown basmati rice and mashed up some buttery carrots and voila,  a superb dinner. I am determined to eat properly this week., not cheating by ordering out for pizza or Chinese food.

Got the garbage bin out to the curb tonight instead of waiting for the morning as we have started getting some freezing rain, the joy of every prairie mid-winter short lived heat wave aka the edge of an Alberta Chinook wind.  I have some bad memories of going out early in the morning to do such chores when it is icy and don't want to experience another fall just yet.  I have a big waist pack to put ice melt into when it is time to retrieve the bin after it is emptied tomorrow.  I toss huge handfuls of the stuff ahead of me as I walk down the sidewalk to the curb so that I have traction on the ice.

So Day One of my husband's retreat was a great day for ME.  He arrived safely at his destination and was giggling like a little boy about his good friend arriving at the same time he did and how much fun they are going to have this week.  I am SO thrilled he is feeling excited and happy about his time there.

Tomorrow I will try to vacuum and wash floors and then do a big cook up of vegetables, which I have far too many of in the refrigerator for one person to eat in 4 days. Vegetables do not stay fresh here at all, are mostly stale and starting to rot before the store even receives them to put on the shelves, so I need to cook them up into freezer friendly dishes for future consumption.  That will take care of Day 2 very nicely.

My week is starting out well......long may it last!

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