Sunday, February 24, 2013

More Kid Fun in Church

This morning we had a visiting mom and her son, about age 4, in one of our church services.  He went happily off to Sunday School with the other kids, returning with his teacher and class for the Eucharist.  He proudly assisted in taking the collection under the direction of his teacher and a well rehearsed 7 year old boy.  Once the offering plates were on the table and the priest had prayed over the gifts, it was time for the boys to step away from the table, then turn back and bow to the priest before returning to their seats.  

Well, they did step away from the altar, but instead of following the lead of the older boy and bowing to the priest, our new visitor leaped into the air, hollered, "We did it man!", and the 2 boys gave each other a mighty, palm slapping "high five"!!

Cute kids in church:  PRICELESS!!

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Nancy said...

I LOVE it!!