Monday, February 11, 2013

O Happy Day

How wonderful to have what I consider to be a normal day for a married couple.  Usually my husband and I are running around in opposite directions, each doing our own thing.  Although we have done less of that since we moved here than ever before (other than during seminary days when we were jammed into a 600 sq. ft. apt together) due to being down to 1 car and being in an isolated town, still today was nicely spent doing "married couple" things.  It felt good.

We slept in and did some talking about marriage and life, but before we were dressed and ready to finally start our day a friend called to say he would be here in 5 minutes: a mad scramble ensued to be dressed and attempt to look as if we had actually been up and going for much longer than we had been. (I wonder if my bare toes peeping out from under the hems of my dress pants gave us away.)  Our friend brought us a paper he had written on the Holy Spirit and so much wanted us to read (Dell for future discussion on the theological content and me for his use of English vocabulary and grammar).  We drank tea and chatted before he went off to work.  In the middle of that visit the daughter of a recently deceased parishioner arrived with some funeral details for my husband. It turned out she and our other friend had met each other last year at square dancing lessons so it was a jolly reunion in our kitchen.  To have somebody (in fact 2 somebodies) just drop in for any reason has happened so rarely here that it was a huge treat!

Then we were off for brunch at a local restaurant.  It was a lot of fun just sitting in the sunshine, such a rare occurrence these days (the sunshine, not the sitting).  Then we did some shopping and other errands.  How wonderful to be not in a rush for a change.  My husband almost got his full day off today.  

Back at home my husband had a a box of Japanese saw blades and electrical cords to go through so he could place an order for some new Japanese products with my cousin, who is wending his way home to Japan next week.  He sat at the counter in the kitchen visiting with me, sorting out all his "guy stuff" while I made some spaghetti sauce and some stew and cooked a roast.  How incredibly domestic we both were today.  The hot roast beef sandwiches we had for dinner were delicious and the gravy I made later on for tomorrow's fresh mashed potatoes and left over roast turned out so well....for a change!  Not a great gravy maker unfortunately but good success today. I love making gravy after the drippings have cooled so I can mix in the flour with no lumps forming to worry about! So we always have sandwiches for our first meal with a roast so I can make the gravy for the next day.  Hey, I am not a great cook so whatever works...

Then I had a nap. So of course that means I have a ton of dishes to wash and there will be another big load tomorrow.  Tomorrow I have to prepare a number of vegetable dishes with all the fresh veggies I bought today.  I am preparing to take quite a few frozen meals to my parents in the near future. Guess I will have to do that fairly soon as my wee freezer is full to overflowing and I am not sure how I will get the veggies in there once they are ready!

In other news:  
-waiting to hear soon from Dell's sister and brother in law who are returning from a trip to Florida, a place I have never been to and have no desire to go to other than to fulfill a dream one day of meeting an email friend I have never laid eyes on in person.
-one of Dell's cousins, a lawyer, has just been appointed a provincial court judge.  So happy for her.  She has worked incredibly  hard and this is such a wonderful achievement. Congratulations Kim!
-we have a funeral Saturday at the church.  The elderly woman who died was amazing!  She had such a wicked sense of humour and was always in good spirits, crocheting lovely items even after her mind began inhabiting another world at times.  She was wonderful to visit over at the Lodge, always happy to see us whether or not she was certain who we were.  I will miss her so much.
-Lent is beginning tomorrow with our church Shrove Tuesday pancake supper; Wednesday will be the service for the Imposition of Ashes, Lenten Bible studies and weekly Lenten lunches begin on Thursday and so on and so on and so on until after Easter Sunday. Every study, meeting and service has to be done twice, once in each church in each town.  I think what my husband gives up for Lent, like all priests, is any time off to think of, or do, things unrelated to his work!

So another incredibly busy Lenten begins.....

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