Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Our First Robin!!!!

I am giddy with excitement this afternoon!  Perhaps the 3 out of 4 groundhogs who predicted an early spring are actually correct this year!!  WE JUST SAW OUR FIRST ROBIN!!

My husband shrieked at me to look out the kitchen window a few minutes ago.  He was hollering something about a robin and when I looked up there was a big, sleek, red breasted male sitting on the frame of our deck net-house.  He is a gorgeous bird, like one of those perfect photos you occasionally see posted on the internet or a high quality glossy paged bird identification book.  He doesn't appear to be one of the elderly robins that were left behind last winter when the birds migrated out of here for the season.  He is a younger male with unruffled rusty red breast feathers and bright eyes.  

YIPPEE!  Maybe we will only get one more round of colder weather before spring is upon us.  Wouldn't that be fantastic??!  

This big beautiful bird made my day!!

Maybe it will make up for the big gulp of disgusting smoke I just sucked in when I went over to the church kitchen....my husband is out in the alley behind the church burning last year's palm crosses for the Ash Wednesday services and the big fan in the window in front of the pancake and sausage grill is sucking that smoke right into the building. Aiiiiii yiiiiii.....

That wee dose of smoke is just enough to cause the glands in my neck to swell and my sinuses to close tightly by tomorrow.  Time to pray for deliverance from my usual allergic reaction so I can fulfill my priest's wife duties this week.

Maybe that bird is a good omen.....ya' think?

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Penny said...

you and another blogging friend have been so encouraging to me over the past few weeks, as God does His wonderful pruning and cleansing and revamping of my perceptions.... ...hang in there. You are very special and very much appreciated.