Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pavlov's Dog/Suzie's Birds!

The snow and blow, ice rain, frozen slush and drifts are once again upon us.  Travel is once again not recommended for most of the roads in the area.  Sigh.........we had planned to make a sneak trip to the city to check on my parents who are still experiencing some large hurdles, but not to be.  Curses....foiled the old saying goes. haha 

So....the birds here......hahaha  Over the past month we have noticed some hilarious behaviour at the feeders.  It seems that none of the birds, other than one particular nuthatch who will eat anywhere at anytime, will approach the feeders outside the kitchen window until the blind goes up in the mornings!  We have done some sleuthing to see if we are correct or if it has simply been a coincidence, or if we haven't been conscious of them being there when we look out the other kitchen windows or the patio door, all of which give us good views of the feeder but without the birds being as conscious of our presence on the other side of the pane.

Nope, it is more or less official:  until the blind over the huge window closest to the feeders goes up the birds do not come to the feeders.  It doesn't seem to matter how early or late in the morning that blind is pulled up, the birds do not appear until it is.  

Today I didn't get the blind raised until after lunch over at the church hall....nearly 1:30pm.  There were still no spilled seeds from the feeder on the deck, there were no bits of broken nut or sunflower shells.  The water in the bird bath had not been disturbed nor lowered in level.  I stood quietly and gazed outside and sure enough: 30 seconds later there were little redpolls, finches, nuthatches, downy woodpeckers and our first spring robin (who probably wishes now he had stayed wherever it was he came from for a few more weeks!) all appeared at the feeders.  Seeds, nuts and discarded shells began to fly everywhere.  4 finches jammed themselves into the birdbath along with the robin who has discovered, like his predecessors, exactly where the heat tape runs along the side of the birdbath and will keep him warmest.  Some of the cheekier redpolls like to flutter right outside the window peering in. Today I had a swarm of the little things there.  I felt like they were telling me, "'Bout time you got home and opened that blind!!"

I have never before wondered what birds were thinking.  I have never cared much for or about birds in general.  Since I came here and my husband put those feeders up I notice not only how many song birds we have in this province, but also the huge snowy owls sitting on the power poles as we drive along the highways, the types of hawks and eagles we get in this area, the thousands of land gulls that pass through on their migration routes each year and turn the cultivated farmer's fields from deep brown to brilliant white when they land en masse.  The speed of the birds of prey and their attack methods are fascinating to me.  The hidden iridescent feathers of the blue jays have my attention for the first time.  Protecting our little flock from baby hawks and kitty cat predators has become a life goal.

Me.....and birds........who'da thunk it???  I have posted entries about our birds previously but it is still a source of amusement to discover how fond I have grown of these winged beasties, both large and small.

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chris e. said...

"Even the trees have ears." I think that's a line from The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe (print version, i never saw the movie.) When you feed birds, the trees have eyes!