Saturday, February 23, 2013

Snowing.....AGAIN!! Sigh..........Can We Get Away?

The past two days have seen a let up in the storms, the sun has been out off and on for several days now even though the air has been very cold.  Today it began to warm up just enough to encourage the snow to fall once again.  After a chilly but quite lovely day that saw a steady stream of pedestrians trekking past our house to do their uptown errands, the snow began to fall in thick clumps about an hour ago.  It is very beautiful to watch but I admit to some disappointment.

Now the stress is on once will the roads be at 8am when we leave for our other church congregation 60 km away??  Will they be clear on Monday morning so we can go to the city to see my parents, who are in need of some groceries and are depending on us to be there to take mom shopping?  Once again we have plans to leave town for a couple of days and snow that was not forecast has arrived.  Big sigh..........

What it is, is, I am tired of winter now.  It is beautiful in so many ways but after 4 solid months of it with no chinooks like we get in Alberta and that I am so used to, it seems to be dragging on and on with no end in sight.

Speaking of sight, (Good segue, eh?  Did you like that one?? teehee) my mother had her first of 2 cataract surgeries yesterday.  She did well with her nerves once she got there and realized there was no turning back, the surgery went very well and she has detailed instructions of how to care for her new lens over the next couple of months.  In 3 or 4 weeks she goes back to the clinic for surgery on her other eye.  There is still a bit of blurring of her vision but the doctor told her that it can take up to a week, so not to panic unless she isn't seeing at least some improvement each day. Her initial post-surgical check up was at 7:30am today and the report is good.  Whew!!

Dad is doing a lot of research into private MRI's and private surgical clinics etc. etc. etc.  Friends came up with an idea that he could see the doctors they have been going to who specialize in back surgery and who have their own clinic that does its own testing and surgeries.  I don't know if I am happy about what these friends have done in restoring his rather idealistic hope over what any surgeon is going to do for an 86 year old man with severe heart problems.  Dad is flying so high emotionally over these possibilities that I know he has decided on his own that he is going to qualify for the surgery and then he will be restored to health and motion like he was when he was in his 50's.  In his case I happen to agree with what the public health care system in his province is doing with his care.  I am sure that his friends who had such wonderful success with their back surgeries at this clinic mean well, but Dad isn't thinking about the fact that they are all 20 to 25 years younger than he is and so of course they healed quite well and quite quickly.  I just hope they haven't unwittingly set him up for giant disappointments and depression. He has been quite depressed since he went into hospital in December, understandably, but I don't know if it is wise to raise his hopes so high. Guess time and research will tell..........

If I get there on Monday I have to begin a serious conversation about my parents being willing to put their names on the lists of some seniors' condos......I imagine there will be hell to pay when I do that but I know mom will be willing to listen and probably even willing to get started trying to find a suitable place for them to live.  She is ready, has been ready for some time, but of course it will be Dad who will decide what they are both going to do.  They are presently completely dependent on available friends to take them to do the simplest chores away from home and that isn't a situation that can continue long term.  At what point do I push hard for this and risk making a real mess of my good intentions?  This is the most difficult stage of life for them and for me.  My opinion is that if you are no longer capable of going out to purchase your own food it is time to move somewhere that serves you daily meals.  For some reason they are refusing to return to Meals on Wheels and I think it is because it has not occurred to them that they can order a meal for just one person and split it rather than having more food than they can eat arriving at the door, as was the case previously.  Another item to add to the list for if the weather will just improve again so I can actually get there this time..........

I am sure this is less than fascinating stuff for those of you who are not in this position with elderly parents, but writing about it certainly helps me in dealing with it.

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