Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Sleep In That Wasn't

I woke up about 4:30am and spent a couple of hours reading before being able to fall asleep again.  I wasn't worried.  No chores that have to be done today other than a bit of shovelling of the front walk and I knew I could sleep in.

Yeah.......about 8:30am I was having an annoying dream that the telephone was ringing.....a dream I wanted to put a stop to.  Unfortunately it really was the telephone ringing....someone who had forgotten my husband is away this week.  Sigh........

So here I sit an hour later, still groggy, staring at the computer screen and praying for an intelligent thought of some kind to cross my brain.......or the hope of the deeply urgent call of my nice soft pillow to return to bed and sleep some more.....something that will clear the fog in my head.........think or sleep....?

Yeah.....about that shovelling........time to go and do that.  It will either clear the cobwebs so I can locate some intelligent thoughts to dwell on for the rest of the day, or exhaust me so I can hear and heed the urgent call of my  nice soft pillow to return to bed and sleep some more.

Whoever thought that shovelling snow could be an activity with such power over the human!?

Snow shovelling:  all that and a bag 'o' chips!

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