Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wee Kiddies in Church

The next week or so is going to be busy with various time consuming activities so may not get a lot of chance to blog.  So, I will post a series of items discovered yesterday during a day long session of going through files of various types of papers collected over the past few years that have been taking up unnecessary space in our cabinets and desk drawers. Some of them are kind of funny, cute at least, so hope you enjoy them.

The Prodigal Parent
     One day in church the priest delivered a sermon based on the timeless story of the prodigal son.  When he got to the point where the father sees his son returning and races out to meet him, the minister said, "Throwing wide his arms, the father said........."
A young boy jumped up and shouted, "YOU'RE GROUNDED!!"

So do enjoy the next few posts.  If they aren't knee slapping hilarious they will be at least mildly amusing....... 

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