Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Will This Winter Ever End???

Winter continues to rage here on the prairies.  A look at the highways maps online shows more and more highways depicted in the colour red, signifying that those highways are now closed due to zero visibility from blowing snow and too much ice on the road surfaces.  Most of the bottom half of our province is not safe for travelling today.

My husband and I had great plans for this afternoon off work here in town and we did manage to brave the awful wind and cold to do them......most of them at least.  There is something about a windchill factor of -28C combined with slick ice and wind gusts of 50km per hour that robs a person of some degree of motivation to be out and about.

We went out for Chinese food for our late luncheon, made it to the post office and bank, over to Peavey Mart for a giant bag of birdseed and to the grocery store on the far end of town.  That was where we lost all the rest of our enthusiasm for being away from home any more this afternoon.  After parking our car, the wind nearly blew us right off our feet in the mall parking lot as we struggled across chunky ice dusted in a fresh skiff of snow ....probably the most terrifying walk of my winter thus far.  We were carrying heavy groceries on the way back to the vehicle and clinging to each other as we managed to stay on our feet before collapsing in the car.

Rather than going to the walking track......the one thing we probably MOST needed to do today for the sake of our health.....we drove straight home. (It is on our agenda now for first thing tomorrow morning before Dell returns to work.)  I sat down on the living room sofa to catch up on world news on tv and Dell went to his home office to play computer games.  Within minutes we had both fallen asleep, me with head in hands teetering on the edge of the sofa, and him with his chin on his chest while sitting in his office chair......not the most comfy of sleeping positions, but we must have been worn out from the wind as we each slept for over an hour, discomfort and all.  I woke up when I eventually tipped off the sofa onto the floor and he when he heard the crash coming from the living room where I connected with the coffee table on my way down.  Yes, I am fine, just embarrassed..........

Dell slipped on the ice outside the garage door before we ever left home.  He is okay but smashed the side of his leg against the door jam, effectively removing a swath of skin from the side of his leg.  

We are too old and clumsy to live anywhere that has winter!  That is my conclusion based on this afternoon's travel about town.  Do I  hear an Amen?? 

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